Make-Up Swim Classes

All enrolled students receive one free make up lesson per quarter:

  • Jan-Feb-Mar
  • Apr-May-Jun
  • July-Aug-Sept
  • Oct-Nov-Dec 


  • A missed lesson does not equal a make up lesson.
  • All students receive one “extra lesson” per quarter. This lesson may be used as either a make up for a missed lesson or as an additional drop in lesson. These “extra lessons” may be scheduled no more than 7 days in advance.
  • Any change or cancellation within 72 hours will count as your quarterly “extra lesson”.
  • No more than one free extra lesson per quarter.
  • Families may share “extra lessons” within family accounts.
  • Missing 4 consecutive lessons may result in being removed from the schedule without prior notice.

Additionally, we encourage families to take advantage of our complimentary family swim times offered each week to make up any missed class time.